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Find time to do what you love at The Hawthorn

The ‘Plus’ in this Chilliwack Independent Living option is about enjoying life the way you want to!
Evelyn and Henry Rempel enjoy a warm afternoon outside of The Hawthorn.

Henry and Evelyn Rempel moved into Independent Living at Elim Village Garrison Crossing in 2018. After five happy years there, they decided to take advantage of ELIM’s ‘aging in place’ option and made the transition to ‘Independent Plus’ at The Hawthorn, just 100 feet away.

Since their move, they’ve found more time for each other, their friends and family, and their passions in life.

Why make the switch?

Evelyn knew it was time for a change when she noticed her body slowing down and thought ‘why push it?’

“I started to have trouble standing at the counters making meals and when we visited The Hawthorn, we met Chef Todd and found we really enjoyed the food there,” Evelyn says. “I realized I didn’t want to cook anymore—it was getting in the way of my social time and ultimately it played a big part in our decision to move.”

“We wanted to make these changes before we got pushed to do them by others,” Henry says. “We’re happy we made the choice to move into The Hawthorn on our own terms.”

An aerial shot of The Hawthorn (right) located at Elim Village Garrison Crossing.

More time for what matters

With the daily chore of cooking out of the way, Evelyn was excited to learn she could still continue to bake in her new ‘Independent Plus’ suite, as it had a full kitchen.

“I might be tired of cooking, but I’ve always loved baking and I can still bake here at The Hawthorn. It means a lot to me to make dessert for my family and other guests when they come over, and I love that I can still do that here,” she says.

Henry still keeps his hands and body busy as well.

“Since moving here, I now only own three tools—and they’re all for my hobby! I make custom walking sticks and my current project is a walking stick engraved with a Psalm,” Henry says. “I also love running and this area is perfect for getting active outside, especially with all the greenery. I started running marathons when I was 30 and now today (at 82!) I run 10 kilometers every other day.”

Henry says he finds solitude in running and believes the secret to a healthy lifestyle is getting a daily dose of fresh air.

Was it the right move?

Since moving in, Evelyn and Henry have made many new friendships with other Hawthorn residents and are enjoying the restful, stress-free nature of ‘Independent Plus’ living.

“When I have guests over now, no one is scurrying around cooking, serving, or doing dishes. We get to enjoy our company and spend quality time with our kids,” Evelyn says. “We all need connection, and

that’s what we’re getting here at The Hawthorn. Your kids can’t always be there for you, but the people who work and live here are. They care for you and ask how you’re doing every day. The staff are wonderful!”

While Henry and Evelyn still enjoy the same independence they’ve always had, they now benefit from more time to enjoy what matters most to them. They are embracing the carefree retirement they always looked forward to, while having the opportunities and space for their hobbies.

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