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Chilliwack Senior finds her perfect home at Elim Village

Discover a unique ‘Best of both Worlds’ approach to retirement living
Like many seniors, family is an important pillar in Pat’s life.

If there’s one thing seniors understand better than most, it’s that life is short. It’s important, therefore, to make every moment count.

Pat Polowy was living in Independent Living when construction began on the The Hawthorn. She had lived at Elim Village Garrison Crossing already for a few years, which is a retirement village. While four buildings onsite are Independent Living, the new Hawthorn building is ‘Independent Plus,’ and offers a lifestyle of convenience, community, and support. While Pat watched the progress of The Hawthorn’s construction, she had a growing sense that she was ready for a change. Having meals provided in a community environment, having housekeeping, and wellness programming—not to mention the relief of never having to do dishes ever again—this was an attractive lifestyle.

As the building neared completion, she grew more confident that this move would be the right one for her. But, she had one hesitation; Pat wasn’t sure if her beloved grandson, Ryley, could continue to visit her as easily as he had when she was in Independent Living.

Like many seniors, family is an important pillar in Pat’s life and not something she’d risk giving up. Having lost her husband and eldest daughter 17 years prior—both to cancer and within a year of each other—Pat ensures she sees the rest of her family as often as possible. She maintains a close relationship with her other daughter, Laura-Lynn, and one grandson, Ryley.

Ryley is a busy boy, with drum lessons, piano, hockey, youth group, and of course his education. Another part of his weekly schedule is regular visits with his grandma Pat. Ryley rides the bus four times a week to Garrison Crossing, where he spends a few hours with his grandma while his parents finish their workdays. Before Pat could make the move to The Hawthorn, she had to be absolutely certain her visits with Ryley could continue. This, of course, was no problem at all. ELIM staff were happy to show Pat the route Ryley could take from the bus stop to her new home.

Feeling totally certain now, Pat made the move to The Hawthorn. She’s now been settled in her new suite for several months and is immensely enjoying the benefits and new lifestyle provided by this ‘Independent Plus’ building.

“I’ve already been to a choir performance and chair exercise classes,” Pat says, listing off the opportunities available in the building, “and I’ve taken advantage of the hairdresser and getting a manicure too.” Ryley is also now accustomed to the new building and is familiar now with the residents and staff. His youthful presence is enjoyed by many.

Making the move to ‘Independent Plus’ has brought new meaning into Pat’s life. With more time on her hands, she can enjoy the active community of like-minded seniors around her on a daily basis, and still have ample time to spend with her family.

Age in the right place at Elim Village Garrison Crossing. For more information on The Hawthorn and the variety of unique amenities and services offered there, click here. Or, call 604-769-0022 or email Find them on Facebook here or stay up-to-date by subscribing to the mailing list here.

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