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Langley lizard’s owners raise funds for gynecological surgery

The young reptile is scheduled for operation on Tuesday

A Langley woman is making stickers to raise money for her pet bearded dragon in need of a gynecological surgery.

Jackee Sullivan is aiming to raise $600 for her “little spitfire” Guinevere, who requires an ovariectomy – the surgical removal of one or both ovaries.

The mother of two said she and her partner have accepted the cost of surgery for “Gwenny,” but were met with further anxiety after reading the fine print on the contract outlining the possible outcomes of the procedure and the possibility that something could go wrong.

“We had budgeted for the surgery and now we have to choose if we want to do it half way or all the way,” she said. “If it goes south are we ready to pay for double what we budgeted for?”

Despite the final cost being unknown, Sullivan and her partner have scheduled Gwenny’s surgery for Tuesday (April 13).

“We’ll have to pay for whatever recipe they need to save her life… there are very many unknowns,” she said, noting if Gwenny requires CPR during the procedure is can amount to an additional $400.

“My partner and I cannot be surprised and heartbroken at the same time,” she told the Langley Advance Times.

Sullivan described Gwenny’s condition a “rare case with an unknown outcome.”

“I only know how rare it is because of the lack of info,” she said.

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Sullivan and her family adopted Gwenny in July last year, when she was just 11 weeks old.

During her young life, the reptile’s “immature” body has developed two conditions, Sullivan explained, pre- and post-ovulatory stasis, meaning her follicles fail to ovulate and cannot pass the eggs stuck inside of her.

Since Gwenny’s initial visit to the vet on March 29, Sullivan said, not including the cost of surgery, the family has spent more than $800 on x-rays, tests and medicine.

“We can end up with no dragon and a whole lot less money,” she said.

To help offset the cost of Gwenny’s medical bills Sullivan has organized a GoFundMe fundraiser. For every $6 donation made the donor will receive a Gwenny sticker designed by Canadian animal-loving artist Mackenzie Tremlay of Pilots Patience.

“She has been generous enough to donate her time and the image to us at no cost,” Sullivan enthused.

This isn’t the first time Sullivan has sold stickers in an effort to raise money for a beloved reptile.

Last year Sullivan adopted a leopard gecko named Ripley who also was in need of a surgery.

Today, Sullivan said he is “more than okay.”

To donate to Gwenny’s cause visit and search, ‘Gwenny Surgery Donations.’

Follow Gwenny and Ripley’s adventures online by following #GwennyTheDragon and #RipleySeeItorNot.


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