Harv Esau dedicates much of his free time to playing and coaching the sport of volleyball.

Harv Esau dedicates much of his free time to playing and coaching the sport of volleyball.

Local volleyballer makes case for getting involved

Harv Esau has made a life of playing and coaching volleyball, and stands as an example of commmunity involvement.

Each year, the Chilliwack Progress teams up with Brad Geary’s English 10 Honours class at Sardis secondary school, inviting students to write sports articles.

The best of the best get published in the pages of the Progress sports section. Today’s is the fourth and final article, detailing Harv Esau’s dedication to volleyball and community involvement.


Morgan Bahnman,

Sardis secondary school

Getting involved in the community is something that everyone dreams of doing.

But it always seems to be put on the back burner because of  so-called ‘busy lives.’

Yet somehow, the majority of the population still finds time to update their Facebook status or catch up on the latest news. Harv Esau is not one of these people.

Esau is proof that when a person sets out to do something, important things can be accomplished.

Esau has particularly succeeded in the sport of volleyball. It plays a huge part in his life and affects the lives of others as well.

Every Thursday night at the Cheam Centre, he gets together with others who share his passion and enthusiasm for volleyball. They are a competitive and capable bunch.

As Esau puts it, “We aren’t as competitive as some of the big hitters in college, but we can normally beat any high school team.”

Some of the team members competed in a collegiate league, and have now have retired to the co-ed over-18 league.

They’ve remained  involved in the game, just not at such a high calibre.

The team came in second place at their last tournament, which was held at the very end of March.

They’ve finished for the season, but hope to get together again next year.

Involving himself in sports has gotten Esau more active and involved in the community.

“Our team is like a family” he said.

They  will grab a bite to eat after their games or just get together, creating a wonderful community atmosphere.

Many components have influenced Esau in his volleyball adventure, but one of the biggest of all has been watching the game.

“I’m such a visual learner, and the majority of things I do, I understand best by watching,” he explained.

Quite often, he goes to Colombia Bible College in Abbotsford, not only to cheer on the players but also to observe their techniques and apply them to his own game.

Teammates have been crucial to improving Esau’s volleyball skills as well. He enjoys playing power or setter, but this year he learned the middle position.

“I might not be the tallest guy on the team but I can block well,” he said.

Esau can most definitely hold his own, and enjoys teaching others the skills he has acquired over his 15 years of playing.

Another aspect showing Esau’s deep connection to the community is his role as the assistant coach for the Chilliwack senior boys volleyball team.

For the past two years he has helped the boys work harder, sweat more, and improve on their game.

Esau has worked diligently to ensure that their serves are flawless. Last year he worked with the head coach to send the boys to playoffs.

“This was a huge accomplishment for us,” Esau exclaimed, noting this as the very first time that he could recall the team making it that far.

Esau also enjoys helping out at volleyball clinics, helping young athletes achieve their goals and take their games to the next level.

When asked what impact he has made on helping others in their volleyball journey, the answer was clear to him.

“I am definitely the encourager,” he said.

Esau relentlessly gives encouraging advice and helpful hints to advance each individual player‘s unique skills.

Encouragement is a necessary ingredient to help upcoming athletes improve, and Esau does an excellent job in making sure that no player is left without feeling encouraged.

Esau has done a great deal for our community from volleyball clinics, to coaching, and simply just playing the game itself.

All these accomplishments have helped him to stay established and connected throughout his years of living in Chilliwack.

He hopes to continue to play as long as possible.

So get off Facebook and onto a court.

Sports are a great way to connect with people locally in the community.

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