Epic battles at Sardis Strongman

Tug-of-war tiebreakers decided two divisions at last week's Sardis Strongman competition at Sardis secondary school.

Connor Lovely beat Cohen Bogart in a tug-of-war to claim the men’s heavyweight title at the 16th annual Sardis Strongman competition, held last week at Sardis secondary school.

Bogart and Lovely collected 41 points apiece over five rounds of competition. Tyler Gaultier was third with 31 points.

The men’s middleweight division also came down to a tug-of-war tiebreak. Taylor Karr held a comfortable seven point lead heading into Friday’s final event, the farmer’s carry.

Brendan Murphy closed the gap and completed the comeback, with both boys finishing at 33 points.

Thomas Heuser finished third at 31 points.

Mike Friesen topped the men’s lightweight division with 51 points, just one clear of runner ups Leo Baker and Kenny Toews.

Tanner Gehman and Sam Fletcher fought it out in the men’s flyweight division. Gehman finished one point ahead (36 to 35), with Cameron Thorpe in third place (30).

Jade Blackbird topped the girl’s heavyweight division with 25 points, three more than Gaby Roy. McKenzie Hildebrand was third with 22 points.

Michaela England ran away with top spot in the girl’s middleweight division. Her 38 points was six more than Brianna Keats (31). Elzaan Beukes was third with 26 points.

Fifty five boys and girls registered for this year’s event.

The event was held over five lunch hours, starting Monday with the sled pull.

Tuesday was the sandbag shuttle, Wednesday was the tire flip and Thursday was the sled push.