Carolyn Putt will participate in the Kin's Green Fighters challenge for Chilliwack.

Introducing the Chilliwack challenger

Carolyn Putt is ready to take on the Kin's Green Fighters challenge.

Carolyn Putt

Height: 5’5″

Weight: 140 pounds

Current Fitness Level: I work out occasionally

Current Diet: I eat and snack a lot but tend to eat mostly healthy foods

Fundraising Goal: $1,000 donation to the Canadian Cancer Society

Reason for Applying: About a month ago I donated a kidney, and since then have been unable to do much physical activity, and have gotten into the habit of unhealthy eating and watching a lot of TV. Once my six weeks of recovery is over, I really want to get into shape and eat healthy, but am worried it will be hard to get my body doing physical activity again at a safe level without guidance and support. I also love that this challenge is about raising money and awareness for cancer prevention and research. Just over a year ago my niece was diagnosed with brain cancer, and after battling bravely and with so much joy and love for the last 14 months, the doctors just told us she has another brain tumour and there are no treatment options left. I can’t believe that, and so we are hopeful that research will continue to move forward and that she will prove the doctors wrong.