Vaccinate your children; they’ll thank you later

A failure to vaccinate carries long-term implications.

For the last few weeks, Chilliwack has gained North American wide attention due to the measles outbreak all through the Valley.

Now, although I do not live here currently, my family does and I grew up here. I was missed when it came to getting a chicken pox vaccine. As such, growing up I was one of the unfortunate kids who experienced the illness… Twice.

Now, as an adult, I have begun to live with the consequences of such. Now as an adult, I look back and wish someone had made sure it was done.

As a 37-year-old, supposedly at my prime, I fell victim to a case of stress related shingles. I spent almost two weeks feeling like someone had stabbed me in the top of my head with your choice of sharp implement and left it there. The pain is the worst I have ever experienced. Broken bones, stitches, sprains, ligament tears: none of these came close to the pain I experienced – not even close. The topper was being told by my doctor there was a risk of it affecting my sight. Possibly permanently. At 37.

Reading Gary Raddysh’s opinion piece on vaccinations was a particularly chilling read. To rebut, not one piece of medical evidence is quoted. Not one experience as to the long term effects on his children.

Mr. Raddysh: you will be happy to know I suffered through my experience without my privacy being compromised once. Big Brother didn’t take advantage of my infirm condition to take away my rights once during this experience.

Yup, I suffered privately. Without the police spying on me, without a single change to my rights or freedoms.

Without being vaccinated as a child.

Opinion vs reality, Mr. Raddysh (and the like minded), leaves me at continued risk throughout my life.

Get your children vaccinated. At 37, they won’t know enough about it to thank you but if they are curious let them read about my experience.


Ross Keller

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