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Tsunami debris poses greater risk

We will need support to clean up the mess that is heading to our ocean coastline because of the debris from Japan

We seem to have many opinions on oil pipelines. I lived next door and a short distance away from the Trans-Mountain Pipeline most of my life. At no time was it ever a problem. They, as well as the refineries, were excellent neighbours and quite willing to answer concerns and take action to investigate possible problems.

There was a leak in my area of Burnaby after I had moved. I would have been devastated as I am very much affected by oil, including oil stoves in regular use.

No one wants a spill, but I do believe that no one has thought this situation through. We need oil. Supposed environmentalists would be the first to complain if they were deprived of any small convenience. Transportation, air conditioning, computers and cell phones. I feel that most opposing the pipeline are insincere in their environmental concerns.

What I do not understand is why they cannot come to some compromise. It would be in the best interests of everyone to find a solution as quickly as possible. My reasoning has nothing to do with oil. We will need the support and financial assistance of some large companies to clean up the mess that is heading to our ocean coastline because of the debris from Japan. All the complaining groups will find themselves without federal, provincial or local support when the mess hits the coastline of B.C. This blanket of junk will do more damage than the oil spills that might happen from the transport of oil from Alberta.

All these private boats and sailing vessels that use the Vancouver harbour should be ashamed of themselves for expecting the Coast Guard to assist them. I do not call out the military when my car breaks down on the highway; I have BCAA. The people who use the Vancouver harbour should have the equivalent to BCAA.

The federal government wants the pipeline to go through. Is this the same government we will be asking to clear our beaches of debris?

I really think that B.C. should be thinking about what to do with the debris. Asking for money from Alberta for royalties is not the way to go.

We are not in a position to be calling the shots.

Please consider what will happen to our fisheries with a blanket of debris over the ocean and no financial support to remove it.

May LaChance