Stocking up on candles

On Friday, Jan. 7 the Chilliwack Progress carried an article on page 3 by Jeff Nagel. As a taxpayer I will likely never have a say as to whether incandescent light bulbs are made available to those of us with medical problems. They are vitally important to myself and at least 20 per cent of the population who require them for medical reasons. The fluorescent bulbs have the potential to cause problems such as stroke.

Incandescent bulbs in our homes are not just a wish, or choice, they are a must. What will happen is this: I will go out and locate a Coleman lantern, or lamp just in case I need it. If my supply of incandescent bulbs is in an earthquake or other disaster I will need a gas lamp or candles. I have a large box of candles.

I grew up with gas lamps and candles and I feel quite unsafe with them as my main lighting. They are prone to causing fires.

I won’t be complaining because no one listens to such important health complaints. I will be using candles and gas lighting when necessary.

The fact is that myself and others like me should have a medical exemption and a reasonably easy access to all manner of incandescent bulbs.

When babies and children start having serious vascular problems, what then? Will we ignore the medical problems and pretend that we do not know what is causing their vascular illnesses?

M. LaChance,


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