Seussical the Musical draws applause

The Chilliwack School of Performing Arts has done it again. Their current production Seussical the Musical is outstanding. The energy and enthusiasm of the young performers is beyond belief. Their activity, demonstrated in this production by the dancing, singing and high speed gymnastics, must burn up more calories than the whole of the 2010 Winter Olympics. You have to see it to believe it.

One unusual thing I noticed was how the younger, pre-teen members of the audience reacted during our attendance at the opening night show. They appeared to be completely entranced by the non-stop action and colour. From start to finish they were totally caught up in the drama of this dynamic performance.

The play is running until January 23 at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre. If your kids like action and a good story this performance is well worthwhile.

Jack and Rene Carradice