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Premier’s pipeline stand supported

Premier Christy Clark has my full support in seeking a better deal for BC

BC has been trying to get a piece of the lucrative oil industry for decades. Well, that opportunity has landed in our laps with the Enbridge pipeline and the desire to open up new overseas markets for Alberta’s oil.

With the right environmental safeguards in place there is no reason why we should not be looking for ways to get our fair share of the lucrative oil industry pie. Premier Christy Clark is absolutely right to be taking the tough stand she has on this issue.

In fact, it would be offensively irresponsible of us if we did not leverage the oil industry to offset government revenue from income tax and eliminate provincial debt the way Alberta has done. Oil royalties made this a reality for the people of Alberta. Now it’s OUR turn to reap some of the benefits of the oil that must pass through our borders to keep Canada strong economically.

Progress cannot and should not be stopped. If done right, which is the way Christy Clark and the provincial government have demanded, oil pipelines have a 99% safety record.

We should therefore not waste this opportunity when it potentially offers the potential of a zero sales tax rate for BC citizens in the near future. Premier Christy Clark has my full support in seeking a better deal for BC and I’m certain the support of many other British Columbians as well.

Roop Virk

Chilliwack, BC

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