New MLAs know what they’re getting into

Former MLA's advice to new MLAs sounds like it's coming from a sore loser.

Re: Open letter to the new MLAs (Chilliwack Progress, May 28). It seemed awful nice of Gwen O’Mahony to spend time to write a letter to the winners of the Chilliwack-Hope and Chilliwack elections for the may 28th edition of The Progress. There’s just one part of me that can’t help but think she was acting like a sore loser by writing that letter.

About 9,500 people voted for Laurie in the election, compared to the estimated 6,800 who voted for you. Therefore, more people like things the way they are, compared to those who wanted change.

You think Mr. Throness and Mr. Martin don’t know what to expect? I’m pretty sure they were both present to watch the news when the “honorable” Gordon Campbell got caught drunk driving that one time in 2003. I’m sure they were present to watch the news when that other politician, Svend Robinson, admitted to stealing a ring. They know what kind of backlash comes with mistakes on the job. They watch attack ads and know that one little miss-spoken word can be the political pipe bomb their political opponents will use. Considering how many grey hairs I’ve seen on their heads compared to the youthful look of yours, they should be warning you of the dangers that come with the job, right? They’re both probably old enough to be your dad.

Finally, Ms. O’Mahony, You’ll have another crack at running Chilliwack-Hope. You’ll have another opportunity to support a party that spent us into debt in the 1990s and another chance to litter the city with orange signs again.

Phil Mante