Letters: Student appeal for public safety

Chilliwack middle school student asks MP to make Chilliwack safe.

Open letter to MP Mark Strahl:

My name is Alayna Weiss and I am an A honours student in Grade 8 at Chilliwack Middle School.

I have lived in downtown Chilliwack my whole life and have never been scared of my surroundings until recently. About a week ago a man was murdered a block away from where I live. I now carry pepperspray with me where ever I go and don’t feel safe walking by myself.

My parents are hard workers and want the best for me and my younger brother, but we can’t afford to move anywhere else right now.

The things I have seen are unimaginable, and most involves youth. I have watched first hand my friends getting jumped, robbed, or addicted to drugs that no child should have access to, but that’s the reality of Chilliwack and it’s disgusting.

It seems lately every week there’s a new death or incident in Chilliwack and it leaves a bad reputation. Have you seen how people talk about Chilliwack or the YouTube channels and Facebook pages made to bash our community?

You may not live in downtown Chilliwack (and I understand why) but I think it is still yours and the mayor’s responsibility to address these issues, so kids like me can worry about studying for my math test rather than which friend will end up dead or how I’ll get home safely after school.



Alayna Weiss