Letters: A new reason to support the Chiefs

Don’t be fair weather fans... let’s be Chilliwack Chief Fans through the good and bad years.

Chilliwack has always been known as a great hockey town, now’s the time to prove it!

The announcement last week brought on some excitement around our house as we were glad that a decision had been made on a new coach and GM. (Chiefs name new head coach, GM, Chilliwack Progress, April 4.)

I think that as hockey fans we owe it to Harvey, the Chief’s organization and the players dedication to the community and to the new coach to rise up and support this team. I can’t think of anything that is as affordable as the seasons tickets this year!

We have been seasons ticket holders for years and this is the best deal yet.

This organization has gone through a big change this year and has left a wave of emotions at Harvey leaving the team. Well, now it is time to take those same voices of support that we gave to Harvey for 21 years and transfer them to Jason Tatarnic and his family.

This is the Chief’s 25th year. Yes, I know that they haven’t been here all the time there was a short absence while in Langley.

Don’t let that hold you back from coming and supporting this team. We are blessed to have a hockey team of great caliber here in our own town.  The “boys” whether they grew up here or not are our hometown boys.

Sure this last year was rough, but haven’t you ever had a bad year?  Did everyone around you desert you?  I am not employed by the Chiefs, nor a paid PR person, just a fan.  Wait a minute, more than “just” a fan. We are fans! If you are not sure, then come out to the games.  Get to know Glen, Andrea and Barry see how hard they and the other staff and volunteers work to provide for us a great hockey team.

Don’t be fair weather fans… let’s be Chilliwack Chief Fans through the good and bad years.

The Chiefs are in our community doing various programs at schools etc. and supporting various organizations like the Salvation Army kettles etc.

Let’s give back to them with our support.  Come on.. give it a try!  Go Chiefs Go!

Jackie Gartner