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LETTER: Surely Molson Coors can do better with their property

Former mayor and MLA highly critical of maintenance done by Chilliwack’s newest corporate citizen

Like most residents of Chilliwack several years ago, I was pleased when Molson Coors announced they were coming to Chilliwack. The additional capital investment, job creation, additional tax base and economic diversification their facility represents is very welcome.

As construction of their facility came to an end I assumed a major landscaping effort would be made to make this huge industrial facility more aesthetically pleasing, especially given its location at one of the main gateways to our community. Instead, all that’s been done is the planting of perimeter trees and a few other minor features that are totally dwarfed by the scale of the building.

Especially unattractive is what looks like an abandoned moat or swamp, festooned with plastic, at the corner of Yale and Kerr. In addition, there’s many hundreds of feet of chainlink fencing topped with triple-strand barbed wire, and also a large wasteland area between Kerr and the actual facility.

All in all the entire site is quite unattractive. I would have thought Molson Coors would be interested in being a good corporate citizen, doing its best to add to the visual appeal of our city, and to the appeal of their brand as well.

Their lack of attention to the aesthetics of their site is actually quite disrespectful of our community. Surely they can do better.

John Les

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