LETTER: Stop tailgating for the sake of safety

‘What does it take to get drivers to slow down and stop tailgating?’

I’m proud to say that I’ve been driving mainly in Chilliwack for over 40 years, accident free. As I welcome all new drivers I just wanted to give a heads up for every driver. Stop tailgating.

Unfortunately, I’ve been rear-ended not just once but five times, right here in Chilliwack. What does it take to get drivers to slow down and stop tailgating?

Did you know that when you stop too close to a driver’s bumper that you may get trapped there with no way out?

After you’ve foolishly blocked yourself in, did it ever dawn on you that a shooting or sudden earthquake could happen?

Leaving some extra space while stopped at intersections can give you an option.

Think about it the next time you’re too close to the driver in front of you.

And for added safety, leave your handheld device alone and focus on driving.

A. Henault


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