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LETTER: Speeding on Fairfield Island is out of control

‘Is it going to take a fatality to stop the speeding on McSween Road raceway?’

We must stop the speeding!

I live on McSween Road on Fairfield Island in Chilliwack.

The speed limit is clearly posted at 50km/h but is almost always ignored by almost everyone. This road is used extensively by highway and commercial vehicles going to farms and greenhouses. There are no sidewalks on McSween Road so all pedestrians must walk on the road. I am concerned about the safety of walkers and cyclists because of the outrageous speeds at which these vehicles drive.

I constantly see vehicles speeding and passing each other. In fact even the school buses are speeding. I spend a lot of time yelling at drivers to slow down, but to no avail.

In the two years I have lived here I have only seen a police car once on our street.

I’m sure if radar traps were set up the entire budget for the city’s RCMP could be recouped in short order. My driveway is open for their use should they want it.

Is it going to take a fatality to stop the speeding on McSween Road raceway? I hope not!

Reg Greenfield

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