(Jenna Hauck/ Chilliwack Progress file)

(Jenna Hauck/ Chilliwack Progress file)

LETTER: Seniors left homebound by snow-covered roads

‘We need to have some help so that we can manage to stay in our own homes’

I would like to comment on a recent incident when dealing with city hall in regards to street clearing in my area. I did try several times to ask for help to have my street plowed. It is a small road behind the theatre on Luckakuck in Sardis. There are two rather large condo buildings housing over two hundred seniors, and we have experienced a very difficult weekend trying to leave our homes to shop.

When talking to city hall they did say that the street would be plowed, and on my first attempt the street was cleared. But after the delays to accomplish this, ice and more snow has built up and now we are unable to drive away from here.

The comments I received were that a supervisor would come out to assess. What is there to assess? I am a tax-paying senior, as many of us are, and I do not appreciate this attitude to a simple request.

I understand that the people clearing our main roads are busy, and very much appreciated for their hard work in these difficult times. But please give a moment to understand: our seniors are the most understanding and patient group.

We have been through many decades to reach this place, but at times we need to have some help so that we can manage to stay in our own homes and not to be a burden on society.

Please help to make this possible.

D. Wild

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