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LETTER: Reader ‘sick of hearing about the plight of homeless people’

Desecration and disrespect in the Chilliwack River Valley
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I am sure I’m not the only person in Chilliwack who silently applauded Ernie Plett’s letter from Jan. 27 about the Vedder River mess. Indeed, so many are so sick of the desecration, disrespect and downright disgusting and entitled situation with homeless people who continue to use the system others pay for, claiming mental health issues. Most of the problems are fixable if one would avail oneself fully with all of the help that is available, take responsibility and stop victimizing others over and over again in so many ways.

Indeed, where are our elected officials who seem to be responding slowly and weakly to the fact that these problems need to be addressed, with courage and intelligence?

The system definitely seems badly broken and I for one, am sick of hearing about the plight of homeless people, especially those who have made choices to mess up their brains and indeed their lives, by drug abuse.

Sheila Hall

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