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LETTER: RCMP didn’t deal with this reader’s credit card fraud

‘If your credit card is stolen immediately contact the credit card company and don’t bother the RCMP’
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Re: “Alleged thief coughs up stolen wallet,” Progress, Nov. 4, 2022.

Well done Holly for getting your wallet back by your own efforts, with the help of friends and small businesses.

The RCMP commented on the risk of confronting a potentially dangerous individual.

I would take that point. I was surprised at the sergeant’s advice to contact the RCMP first so they can deal with it “appropriately.”

The RCMP do not seem to have the slightest interest investigating credit card fraud.

This is not only our experience, but friends and acquaintances too over the years.

Around 15 years ago, our then teenage daughter inadvisably invited two new “friends” to our house while we were out, and one of them stole a credit card.

We check our statements frequently and noted a ticket for the Merrit music festival and purchases from various stores in Chilliwack. Like Holly, I went to the stores and obtained credit card receipts along with signatures on the receipts.

I went to the RCMP with this evidence and the names of the two individuals involved, one of whom had taken the credit card. “What do you expect us to do about it?” was the response. They told us we’d be reimbursed from our insurance, which we were.

It would not have taken a lot of investigation to find out who bought the ticket and identify which of these two individuals had stolen the credit card.

My concern was and is, that this young person got away with this and may have continued on a spiralling life of crime and who knows what else.

So my advice is, if your credit card is stolen immediately contact the credit card company and don’t bother the RCMP. They are too busy.

Again, congratulations on your initiative Holly.

Ralph Jones

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