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LETTER: Get to know your neighbours for World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Seniors on their own are all-too-often taken advantage of

Monday, June 15 is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. With more and more people being made aware of elder abuse in our country and the world, and community programs being put in place to assist and encourage seniors to come forward, perhaps we can convince our elders they have a right to enjoy their final years.

They have paid taxes for all of us for many years and deserve their home with new and old friends and visits from their family members on special occasions.

Unfortunately, situations similar to the following have been occurring all to often with our financial institutions not only aware, but now on watch for them.

“Joan didn’t know where to turn when her debt-ridden son obtained power of attorney and started pressuring her to sell her home and move into his basement.”

We can all help by knowing our neighbours, especially those seniors on their own. Times have changed, but we must always protect our most vulnerable, children and seniors.

Daphne Jennings, CGRA

President of Canadian Grandparents Rights Association

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