LETTER: Following rules? That interferes with my personal freedoms!

‘Go ahead and blow as hard as you want’

I am against those annoying little markings at the bottom of musical scores. I don’t mind f so much. f means forte or strong. f means go ahead and blow as hard as you want.

But p!! Softly! Quiet! Shhh!! Someone is trying to shut me up! Someone is trying to interfere with my precious personal freedoms! I think everyone in the band should be able to choose their own level of loudness.

Pitch, too. What’s all this foolish tuning at the beginning of every session? Sharp, flat, who cares! I say, Stick your mouthpiece on your horn and let ‘er rip! This country was built on the principle of liberty! Nothing less than our liberty is at stake!

I am against stop signs too, but that’s another matter.

Graham Dowden


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