Letter: Flash your headlights to pass

If people get fined for not following traffic laws, it’s not a cash grab, writer says.

Mr. Gary Raddysh’s letter regarding a province-wide campaign where everyone would be waving and honking at others on the highway would happen in a place called “Dreamland.”

Ninety-nine percent of the drivers sitting in the left lane would see this as angry honking and due a lack of clear vision behind them, not a friendly, “Could-you-please-move-over friendly wave,” but someone giving them the middle finger. What is a driver to do when it’s dark?

You know the thing sticking out the left side of your steering column? The thing that makes your signal lights work? If you pull that towards you, your high-beams activate momentarily. It’s not for testing your high beams. This feature is called flash to pass and one that all drivers should be aware of. It works at night and this is all it should take.

The BC government has spent enough money on campaigns and signs trying to teach people common sense. Ever see the “stay right except to pass” signs on the highway?

Do they work? No.

They enforce this law in Washington and…..it works.

If people get fined for not following traffic laws, it’s not a cash grab. It’s a somewhat effective way to try and teach someone common sense. With road noise and a vehicle’s stereo turned up, I don’t see many people hearing someone honking behind them anyway.

Mike Dobson