LETTER: Enforce speed limits for trucks

LETTER: Enforce speed limits for trucks

And why aren’t buses ever pulled over, letter writer asks

Two letters to the editor about truckers have been published recently. I have been a longhaul driver but now I drive part-time, and I agree with everything the letter writers said.

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LETTER: ‘Totally criminal’: The way trucks operate in Chilliwack and all of B.C.

LETTER: Truckers should be allowed to drive only in right lanes at lower speeds

We can pass all kinds of laws to stop the reckless driving but if the laws aren’t enforced by the police or B.C.’s Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement, there won’t be any changes.

Trucks should be governed to drive at 100 km/h and there should be hefty penalties if they drive faster.

Also, have you ever seen a bus pulled over by the authorities? I think not. They speed as well.

Ron MacMillan


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