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LETTER: Compassionate health care needed

Letter writer’s husband was handled roughly while in care

In response to E. Holwerda’s letter to the editor (March 25, 2022) regarding the “terrible increase” in disrespect for health-care workers. I do not doubt, that what she outlines in her letter, happens way too often to our hard working and dedicated health-care professionals.

They should not have to deal with those issues as part of their jobs. Most care givers and staff had gone above and beyond what was expected of them recent years, especially in dealing with the pandemic. However, I have seen a side to their professionalism recently that gives me concern and some personal distress. I found myself upset at some staff during these stressful times, so there is normally another side to the very story.

My husband was a resident of The Bradley Centre until he passed away recently. On occasion there was a nurse or aide that treated him without “respect or compassionate care”, it seemed to be a more like an inconvenience to the caregiver in this instance.

He was handled very roughly once while adjusting his wheelchair causing him to be bounced up and down after I had asked if he could be moved back into his bed, which caused needless discomfort for him.

His normal therapy included sitting up in a chair, and he had been complaining about the discomfort and soreness while sitting up. I could see in his face how much pain that had caused.

On another occasion when I asked if he could be put back into his bed for the same reasons, I was advised his two hours were not up yet and he would need to wait. So, not only did he have to sit there in pain for the remainder of the two hours, but it was also somewhat longer than that before he was finally moved.

These ordeals made me very distressed at the time and still causes me anguish when I think about it today, months later.

Not all my experiences were like those. There were many very helpful and friendly staff members (and I thank each and everyone of them). I would just like to say, while it is not part of their job to put up with what E. Holwerda’s described in her letter, compassion is or should be.

Alice Hargreaves

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