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LETTER: Chilliwack residents bullied out of park by rude teenagers

Swearing and smoking in front of young kids then hurling verbal abuse when asked to keep it down
Webster Park. (GoogleMaps)

It’s too bad teenagers smoking weed and drinking beers at Webster Park ruin the entire area for young families.

I was there with my six-year-old, five-year-old and three- year-old and asked a group of teenagers to please keep the bad language down as they were dropping F-bombs and every other curse you can think of very loudly.

I simply said “could you please keep it down as there are young children around.”

They yelled verbal abuse at me and started rolling joints, smoking them around the skatepark and shotgunning beers. I felt very unsafe when the verbal abuse started and called the non-emergency police line however was told they are very busy with life-and-death situations (understandably).

We were bullied out of the park.

It’s unfortunate that these teenagers flat out told me because they’ve been coming there for three years, they felt they had the right to do whatever they wanted.

During this confrontation a few families left in discomfort, they had young children under five. I don’t blame them. Hope some security can be brought to this park like the downtown pump track park has.

Since sharing the story with friends who live in the area they have responded that they never take their children to that park for that reason, even though they live very close.

I know we won’t be going back.

Andrea Smith

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