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LETTER: Chilliwack gas prices should not include Metro Vancouver transit tax

Maybe service stations overcharging should be held to account for their actions
(AP Photo/Tom Krisher)

Two weekends ago I drove to my sister’s home in White Rock, and we passed a number of gas stations in Langley and South Surrey.

Gas in those areas was selling at $209.9 per litre. I mentioned to my son that the cheapest gas I saw at Chilliwack stations the same day was $206.9 per litre. How is it that both Langley and Surrey communities can sell gas at $209.9 per litre when they have to add in the Metro Vancouver transit 18.5 cents per litre? By my math, $209.9 minus 18.5 cents equals $191.4.

It would seem to me that Chilliwack residents are being gouged by greedy service stations, or we are subsidizing gas prices for those who reside in the Vancouver area when we pay $206.9.

Further, I did some research into the issuing of business licences in Chilliwack. It states in the business licence bylaw that all businesses issued a licence must sign a letter of understanding that the business will be a “good neighbour” to the Chilliwack community. The letter states that the business will be a “responsible” corporate citizen. The definition of “responsible” in Webster’s states “able to answer for one’s conduct.” It would seem to me that the City of Chilliwack has the ability to hold service stations who overcharge to account for their actions. One step the city could take would be to suspend a business licence should a service station not charge fair price.

Bruce Trites

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