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LETTER: Chilliwack ER treatment was caring under stressful circumstances

Carlos was one of the most compassionate, caring and committed nurses I’ve encountered
Chilliwack General Hospital. (Chilliwack Progress file)

I was brought into Chilliwack Hospital ER early Sunday morning, Dec. 4. I was impressed by the diligence and speed with which up to a total of 10 people did what they could for me. Amidst a bustling confusion of noise and activity they seemed to be able to focus on purpose. This only happens when there is knowledgeable and harmonious leadership. There have been numerous public criticisms of our health-care system but I found this team to be effective, efficient and caring under stressful circumstances.

Because Carlos was assigned to me as nurse I had more to do with him than any of the others. He was one of the most compassionate, caring and committed nurses I’ve encountered. Unfamiliar with urinals in bed I seriously messed up the first attempt. Without complaint or hesitation he cleaned up everything and completely remade the bed – friendly all the while. When code blue was called, he rushed off, returning from witnessing the loss of a father of four left to a grieving wife – but he had to carry on. Even little things were noted and remedied without waiting for a complaint. I want to acknowledge the ongoing, committed work that continues in many ERs under trying circumstances. A happy Christmas to them all.

Henry Wiebe


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