LETTER: Canada needs to rethink illegal firearms

LETTER: Canada needs to rethink illegal firearms

‘Illegal hand guns can be obtained easily in Mr. Strahl’s riding’

As the Chilliwack Progress reported, MP Mark Strahl had some harsh words to say about the announcement by the prime minister and his officials banning the sale of military-type arms to private individuals.

The action was at long last brought to the fore by the recent event in Nova Scotia, but this issue has been discussed by Canadians over many decades. And so, after much consultation prior to the last election and acutely in recent days, a federal government finally took action.

I couldn’t disagree with Strahl’s words more. There is nothing “cowardly” or “underhanded” about doing what a majority of Canadians have wanted for a long time, that is the elimination of firearms capable of mass murder. It comes as no surprise that a Conservative MP along with his party and now today the ignorant words of a Tory candidate for the Conservative leadership would accuse their own government of malfeasance.

Now, I completely understand that Mr. Strahl would want to curry favour with his base.

I am positive that there is seething anger in gun shops over this ban, but the inescapable truth is that legal gun owners and hunters, even those that go to our nice shooting range, do not think that assault-style weapons should be in civilian hands. As for the problem of guns coming into Canada from mainly the U.S., I agree that a lot more should be done to interdict these illegal weapons.

Some research into Mr. Strahl’s public statements shows no propensity on his or even his party’s part when in power, to budget enough funds for stricter border enforcement, nor does one find strong statements from Strahl advocating for more punitive jail terms for those who own illegal handguns or those who commit crimes with their use.

I wonder if this MP has been lobbying the provincial government to enact more severe punishments for illegal hand gun use?

Illegal hand guns can be obtained easily in Mr. Strahl’s riding.

They have been used here. They are regularly found mixed with drugs, money, knives and other dangerous items in homes right here in Chilliwack.

It is time for Mr. Strahl to begin at long last to advocate to the proper authorities, at least in this province, for a complete rethinking of the effects of illegal firearms. His rhetoric may save lives and help our society which is one of his jobs.

So, perhaps a little less indignation for political purposes and a lot more positive action would be a way forward for this MP.

One can continue to hope.

Remember we elect our official to work for us!

Wayne Underhill

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