Caroline’s Carts are shopping cart created for special needs children. (Caroline’s Cart)

Caroline’s Carts are shopping cart created for special needs children. (Caroline’s Cart)

LETTER: Campaigning for Caroline’s Carts

Shopping carts for special needs children are needed in Chilliwack

I wanted to bring to your attention a great need for Caroline’s Carts (shopping cart created for special needs children) in all large stores here in Chilliwack.

Having a special needs little one myself, I can advocate that the need is urgent and important. Going into any stores here in Chilliwack is a great burden and chore.

My little one is one-and-a-half years old, 22 pounds and unable to sit or support herself. Therefore the standard grocery cart is not in any way suitable for her. I know she’s not alone either in this struggle. After talking with other local moms, they are faced with the same challenges. Heavy and immobile little ones with complex needs and we have to either haul along our stroller which leaves little room for groceries or take them in their infant car seat carrier and put that in the grocery cart, but still you are left with very little room. My little one has greatly outgrown her infant seat, but I cannot switch her over because of this issue.

As well, many stores do not allow you to take the carts outside to your vehicle, so you are stuck with a huge haul to bring to your vehicle, as well as most of us have more that one child along with us.

Please take time to consider this great need. We need to make Chilliwack a more welcoming and accessible city by taking these steps.

Garold & Esther Broekhuis

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