Free Grace Baptist Church on Wellington Avenue – seen here on Wednesday, Dec. 9, 2020 – was one of two churches in Chilliwack that continued to hold in-person services despite public health orders. Chilliwack RCMP announced on Dec. 6 they were investigating. (Jenna Hauck/ Chilliwack Progress)

LETTER: Attending church is thoughtless and irresponsible

‘Do you really think this is what God wants?’

I am writing in regards to these people that are going to church on Sunday even though they are not suppose to be meeting because of the pandemic.

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They are being completely and totally irresponsible and thoughtless if they think they are not hurting anyone outside of church. These [people] do not wear masks and then they are going out into the community and shopping were we shop, going to school were our kids and grandkids go to school and then they are bringing it home to the rest of us. And if they honestly think that because they are young if they get COVID they won’t have side effects.

If God was standing here right now he would say to you go home people and respect the laws and your neighbour. Does one of the Ten Commandments not say though shalt not kill? Well by you people not respecting the law you can spread COVID to people that are high risk of having a serious case of COVID and they could die.

Think about it people. Do you really think this is what God wants? Have a nice Christmas.

Pat Johnston

[*Editor’s note: A previous version of this letter used a word to describe those defying public health orders on gathering that was not suitable for publication.]

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