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LETTER: Article was unfair to Laurie Throness

‘For Mr. Henderson to refer to Laurie as “disgraced” is both inaccurate and classless’

I was disappointed by the May 13 piece written by Paul Henderson regarding Laurie Throness’s participation at a pro-life rally in Victoria. (“Former Chilliwack-Kent MLA attends anti-abortion rally in Victoria,”

Laurie served this community with dignity and commitment for seven years as an MLA.

So, for Mr. Henderson to refer to Laurie as “disgraced” is both inaccurate and classless.

Individuals who invest in the community by running for public office should be honoured, not smeared, by a community newspaper. You might disagree with Laurie’s positions, which is your prerogative, but you are clearly ignorant if you disparage his character.

Additionally, MLA Kelli Paddon referred to Laurie as, “an old politician who is proud to be showing who he is…” Ageist much, Kelli? You will recall that when Laurie lost his seat in the 2020 provincial election, he congratulated the incoming MLA and wished her the best. Ms. Paddon would do well to imitate Laurie in many regards, as she too will be “an old politician” one day.

One final word: This fall we will be in election mode as we elect our civic politicians.

In this current environment more than ever, we need to elect people to public office, from city councils to school boards, who are willing to listen to those who might think differently than oneself. We need to put “civility” back into “civics.”

Now more than ever we also need journalism that is fair and objective.

Paul Huesken

Columbia Valley

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