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LETTER: All Canadians should read Zelenskyy’s book

‘As a Canadian senior in my 80s, I feel blessed to live in the best country in the world’
FILE - Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy speaks during an interview with The Associated Press in his office in Kyiv, Ukraine, on April 9, 2022. Time Magazine on Wednesday Dec. 7, 2022 named Zelenskyy its person of the year, awarding him the accolade “for proving that courage can be as contagious as fear.” (AP Photo/Evgeniy Maloletka, File)

As a Canadian senior in my 80s, I feel blessed to live in the best country in the world.

It sometimes helps to think about other people instead of first ourselves. Ukraine usually celebrates Christmas on Jan. 7. This year, they celebrated on Dec. 25.

They went to churches and homes, lit candles and sang. Would Canadians have been singing?

I don’t have T.V., a computer, texting, etc. I read and listen to CBC on my radio. So I went to a story and found a small blue/black book called A Message from Ukraine: Speeches, 2019-2022 by Volodymyr Zelenskyy. This is a book everyone should read twice, maybe three times.

We have a large number of readers in the Fraser Valley and not all stores carry this book, but for people who can afford it, buy/read/share/pass it on. Inside the front you’ll find the proceeds from this book will go to United24 to collect donations in support of Ukraine. The cost of the book is $22, some on sale for $15.

Clara Mason


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