LETTER: Absurd to claim banning conversion therapy is an assault on parental rights

LETTER: Absurd to claim banning conversion therapy is an assault on parental rights

‘Anti-gay bigotry among some letter writers is only matched by ignorance against science’

Brad Neels in his letter (Progress Letters, July 23, 2020) claims – wrongly – that banning gay conversion therapy is an assault on family values and parental rights. That is as absurd a claim as saying wearing face masks or enforcing social distancing during these crazy days of the pandemic is an assault on religious freedom.

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A parent has no say in their child`s sexuality as to whether that child is gay, straight, or some other combination such as trans, which is decided for that child in the womb. The sex and sexuality of that unborn child is decided by genetics.

It has nothing to do with family values except that religious people have been told the lie from the pulpit that it is a moral decision. It is no more a moral decision than a fetus deciding it wants blue eyes, not brown, or to be born with male rather then female genitalia.

The Bible is not a book on science. It asks what sin the parents have done that has caused a child to be sick. No knowledge of viruses or bacteria, no knowledge of inherited diseases, no knowledge of genetics, no knowledge of how babies are created as the belief of the ancient writers of the Bible was that a fully formed baby was shot into the womb by the man and the woman had no other role than as an incubator.

Included in Mr. Neels’ misinformation and erroneous conclusions is his mixing up of the issue of gay conversion therapy and gender reassignment surgery, which he makes sound like a frivolous, spur-of-the-moment decision.

Gay conversion therapy demanded by parents is child abuse. It is an attempt to rob that child of the right to be the person that they were meant to be. Worse, despite the psychological damage that it inflicts on that child, it doesn’t work, which Mr. Neels would already know if he actually investigated the brainwashing that is drilling debunked religious dogma into that child.

As for gender reassignment, Mr. Neels, please supply a peer-reviewed study that suggests any person would lightly go into that life-altering therapy on a whim. Nonsense that you have heard from the pulpit or social media posts being pushed by anti-gay conspiracy theorists doesn’t count as scientifically-backed peer review.

Perhaps some who have undergone that surgery do end up regretting it, but there is no reason to believe that the vast majority of those who are brave enough to align their sexuality with their bodies regret their decision made after much counselling.

The anti-gay bigotry among some letter writers in Chilliwack is only matched by ignorance against science.

Robert T. Rock

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