The RCMP dog unit on the scene after the Oct. 10, 2017 robbery of the Scotiabank in downtown Chilliwack. Dean Kinley, 68, was convicted of robbing the bank two years ago on Sept. 11, 2020. (Chilliwack Progress file)

LETTER: 68-year-old bank robber rejected by his sons

‘Dean was as upset as any father could ever be’

Re: “Bank robber, 68, labelled long-term offender,” Chilliwack Progress, March 4, 2022.

I saw a recent article about a man who has done 44 years in prison for bank robberies, his name is Dean Kinley. Well it is very rare for me to speak up ever, but this is one time I feel that I must. Dean was set free in 2017 and as I know his sons, I was introduced to Dean by one of his boys. Since me and Dean were not a lot of years apart in age we talked at times for hours on end. Dean told me how he was never there for his boys and how he missed them dearly but loved them more than his own life. His sons understandably did not feel the same towards him.

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Dean tried to show them he only wished to do good for them as he spent his entire welfare cheque on one of his sons by buying and delivering bags of food. This one son beat the hell out of him and told him he was not wanted, and to stay the hell away and to never come back.

Dean was as upset as any father could ever be. He was completely crushed to the point that he told me he did not have any were to go and that his only home he knew was behind bars. Then he said to me that there was only one way he knew to be able to go back home. Then I heard on the news that a repeat offender had robbed a bank and was behind bars once again.

I kind of blame myself some what because Dean was in need of a good friend that day and I just did not take him seriously, and it cost him his freedom.

Steven Heintz

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