It’s time to clean up our act

I was driving in a car yesterday and all I noticed was the garbage on the ground. It was in the ditches, on the sidewalk, in people’s backyards, in the middle of the road, and even on the street signs.  Plastic bags, fast-food wrappers, cans, bottles, coffee cups, cigarette packages, and food littered the area.

People are just getting too lazy! Why, you ask? Well, people are throwing their garbage on the ground. If you go for a walk or a drive, the side roads, as well as the main roads, you will see garbage all over.

Yes, the city may have people clean up the roads, but this brief cleaning spree does not work as well as you might think. Too many people continue to litter everywhere, all of the time.  Some people just don’t care about the environment.

The solution would be have a garbage bag in your car and when you are walking, you could put it in your pocket to take home and place in your own garbage cans.

We should have more garbage cans and bins in public spaces, plus the city and its citizens should remind the public about what we are doing to the earth.

With such easy solutions, the ongoing littering makes me furious.  We take advantage of the environment, but we also destroy it when we litter everywhere.

So, the next time that you are about to toss some litter into the street, think about the environment and do the right thing.


Katlin Ouellette