Diamond jubilee an obscene display of wealth and privilege

For days we've been subjected to a nauseating saturation coverage of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

For days we’ve been subjected to a nauseating  saturation coverage of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. It the face of grinding austerity for working people throughout Britain and Europe, it is estimated that the taxpayer cost of the celebrations, including security and the extra public Bank Holiday, will be around £1.2 billion. Yet, according to a recent Brand Finance report, the tangible assets of the royal family, including the Duchy of Cornwall with around 133,658 acres, over 23 counties, are worth an estimated £18 billion.

Yes, the Queen has “reigned over us” for 60 years. Just what is it about a medieval oppressive institution that causes so many people to genuflect in awe? I personally find the whole spectacle and display of obscene wealth and privilege extremely repellent. Especially in a world of increasing inequalities of wealth, in which the world’s wealthiest 378 people have more wealth than the bottom 45% of the world’s population. How depraved is that?

The only thing the fawning subjects of the monarchy got out of this madness is a pop concert featured on CBC television last night that plunged to new depths of sycophancy and deference. God save the Queen!

Voltaire was right when he said that “The world will never be truly free until the last monarch is strangled in the entrails of the last priest.”


John L Rebman

Chilliwack, BC