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VIDEO: Emergencies Act cannot be justified to deal with ‘noisy’ protest: MP

‘There are no threats to the security of the country,’ MP Mark Strahl says in video against Act

Use of the Emergencies Act by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to clear illegal blockades in Ottawa does not pass the necessary thresholds, said Chilliwack-Hope MP Mark Strahl during the House of Commons debate Wednesday (Feb. 17).

“What we’re debating in this House is whether or not we believe his invocation of the Act should be endorsed or revoked,” Strahl said.

The local MP was making a case against confirming the declaration of emergency in a video posted on his politician’s Facebook page.

“The Emergencies Act is like a fire alarm that can only be activated when the glass has been broken,” said Strahl. “We should only allow the glass to be broken when it is justified.”

Justification, he argued, would require “threats to the security” of Canada so serious that “they constitute a national emergency,” and can’t be addressed using any of the existing laws or enforcement tools on the books.

“This invocation fails on all counts,” Strahl said. “There are no threats to the security of the country.”

Rather there is a “noisy protest” which is not impeding the function of the House, or the government as MPs walk through the blockades every day.

“It’s also not a national emergency,” he said.

The local MP argued it should be revoked, and said the Conservatives will “oppose this overreach” when it comes to a vote.

Yes it’s “disruptive” and the trucks need to move on,” Strahl stated, but there are enough powers granted to enforcement agencies as is, he said.

“Invoking the Emergencies Act will not resolve a national emergency, indeed it may instead create one.”

Debate was suspended Friday afternoon in the House, after MPs and staff were warned to stay away from Parliament Hill as police continued clearing the blockades, protesters, and trucks.

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