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Tuesday morning at the Chilliwack Law Courts

Lots going on, not many outcomes – A glimpse into a remand day morning in courtroom 204
Chilliwack Law Courts.

Tuesday is a busy day at the Chilliwack Law Courts as dozens of accused individuals are scheduled to show up for first, or otherwise brief, appearances in courtroom 200.

Just as busy is courtroom 204 where every Tuesday there is lots going on, even if nothing much results. It’s remand day and the constant back and forth, hurry-up-and-wait is indicative of a court system that is functioning but some say could do better.

Crown counsel lawyers address cases of individuals who are out of custody in the body of the courtroom, some with and some without lawyers. They also deal with those in custody both in person brought upstairs from cells by sheriffs and others who appear via video link from the region’s various remand centres.

Here’s a brief look at some of what transpired Tuesday, Feb. 28 in courtroom 204 at the Chilliwack Law Courts:

Looking for fentanyl

William Bishop has an extensive provincial record according to Court Services Online, and he currently has five provincial files before the courts. Crown counsel Grant Lindsey pointed out Bishop had both provincial and federal files.

Bishop appeared via video facing: uttering threats and mischief from Oct. 14, 2015; three counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking from Nov. 8, 2015 and three subsequent breaches; five counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking from Aug. 15, 2016 followed by three breaches; wilfully resisting a peace officer from Sept. 30, 2016; and possession of a controlled substance from Jan. 26, 2017.

His lawyer Derwin Petri told Bishop there was a delay from the Crown’s office as they test the drugs found for fentanyl.

His next court appearance is March 6.

No-show, warrant issued

Kevin William Parkin was scheduled in courtroom 205 at 9:30 a.m. to face a two-day trial alongside Kelly Francis Walker. Each man faces one count of assault with a weapon, Walker faces an additional count of uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm. The charges stem from an alleged May 21, 2016 incident in Hope.

Parkin did not show up for the trial, and the judge in 204 was asked to issue a bench warrant for his arrest. He did so noting the time the warrant was issued at approximately 10:15 a.m.

The 34-year-old Parkin has an extensive criminal history dating back to 2001.

Accused of stealing Ski-Doos

Ronald Allan Shane Crittenden appeared via video charged with theft over $5,000 from an incident in Langley Feb. 6, according to Court Services Online.

During his appearance Tuesday, and after Crown pointed out that theft over is an indictable offence, Crittenden blurted out the charge was for stealing two skidoos and a trailer.

He asked if it would be taken into account that he had been in jail for a month already. The judge explained that time served is always taken into account at sentencing if he is found guilty at trial.

His case was put over to March 6 to confirm a trial date.

Weapons charges

Seth Tait of Chilliwack appeared via video and his lawyer appeared by phone hoping to secure trial dates for weapons charges.

Dates of May 18 and 19 were tentatively set. After a hearing on Feb. 16 Tait was released on $2,000 bail but he has since been unable to perfect (pay) so he remains in custody.

A publication ban on the contents of that bail hearing prevent details from being reported.

Botched home invasion to trial

One of the three men charged in a botched Nov. 11, 2016 home invasion appeared via video for election.

Courthouse regulars Jeffrey Michael Kizmann, Robert Patrick Callender and Robert Edwin Mar face one count of break and enter and one count of using a firearm to commit an indictable offence.

All three elected a provincial court trial facing charges of break-and-enter and using imitation firearm after an alleged botched home invasion Nov. 11, 2016.

A five-day trial is to be scheduled during which 14 witnesses will be called. They are next due in court via video on March 7.

Child luring suspect faces more

New charges may be coming in the case of Don Putt, the 67-year-old man who was busted in a Creep Catchers sting.

Putt faces two counts of sexual assault from 1984 and 1986, and one count of sexual exploitation from 1989. The charges emerged after Creep Catchers posted a video of Putt showing up to the Vedder Crossing McDonald’s to meet who he allegedly thought was an underage boy.

He quickly pleaded guilty and was sentenced to six months in jail for telecommunicating to lure a child under the age of 14.

After that story emerged, alleged victims from the 1980s came forward and the charges are moving quickly through the courts.

Another similar charge is set to be laid soon for an incident in the 1970s.

Crown counsel Grant Lindsey told the court his office was close to bringing the new charge but that new information keeps arriving. There are also two new statements Crown received that Lindsey said will not lead to new charges but that need to be vetted and disclosed to defence.

Putt is next due in court via video March 14.

Another no-show

Half an hour after issuing one bench warrant, the judge in courtroom 204 issued a warrant for Jamie Leanne Rogers who did not show up for her latest court appearance.

Rogers was found guilty May 13, 2016 of four breaches connected to a possession of stolen property charge from 2014.

Since then she has been charged with numerous other breaches, and her continued non-appearance was noted and a bench warrant was issued for her arrest.

Rogers faces more serious charges as one of four charged in connection with an alleged dial-a-dope operation in the spring of 2015.

She is charged alongside Constantinos Gus Anthony, Dina Anthony and Brian Leslie Schapansky. A trial in May has been scheduled for this file, but the four are also due in court March 6 for an application.