Trustee candidate John-Henry Harter

School District 33: Harter, John-Henry – school trustee: Veteran trustee vow strong voice at the board table

John-Henry Harter.

John-Henry Harter.

John-Henry Harter is entering Chilliwack’s school trustee race with a promise of bringing the community’s voice back to the board table.

The lack of leadership from the current board during the biggest strike in education history was one of the reasons prompting Harter to once again vie for a seat in the board office.

“We need a strong voice for public education at the board level that has been missing,” said Harter.

The lack of communication from the board towards students, staff, teachers and parents alike, during the strike, was too much to sit back and do nothing.

“Whether it was locking the teachers out in June, or cutting their pay, or being silent all summer, the current trustees showed they would do nothing to help end the strike, and do very little to communicate during the strike,” said Harter. “In their silence, they abdicated their roles as the community’s voice in public education.”

Harter vows never to be silent.

The former Chilliwack school trustee served two terms from 2005 to 2011. He did not seek re-election in 2011 due to work and education commitments.

In his two terms as school trustee, Harter was a strong advocate for public education, and Chilliwack’s education specifically, understanding the need for a healthy, vibrant, properly funded public education system.

“As trustee, I will work to heal the district culture that has been badly marred by this dispute and compounded by the silence of our administration and trustees,” said Harter. “I pledge to be a strong voice for public education in this province and most importantly in our community. Students, teachers, staff, and, of course, parents, deserve a voice that stands up for their interests.