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PODCAST UPDATE: Bert terHart is paddling, portaging across Canada

TODAY IN B.C.: Adventurer is ahead of schedule to reach the Atlantic Ocean

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UPDATE: “Some of my worst days I’ve met some of the best people, so it’s just been absolutely extraordinary, it’s an amazing country and there’s beautiful people that live here, especially in those far away places,” said Bert terHart, speaking to host Peter McCully from Ottawa.

Bert terHart is making history by paddling and portaging across Canada in a canoe, via the same rivers that Canada’s explorers, cartographers, and First Nations people have used.

He began his journey on April 1 in Stevenson, B.C., his final destination is Big Shippegan Lighthouse in New Brunswick.

“It’s a bit of a thing to do when you’re 63, but so far so good,” said terHart. “Certainly anybody at my age can do it as well, as long as they’re careful, I’ve been careful about trying to maintain my energy level, I’ve been careful about not getting injured and I’ve been careful about how much energy I can expend day to day.”

He says he has met wonderful and generous people along his route to date and between 300 and 350 of them have signed the canoe, which will be donated to the Gabriola Museum when the trip is completed.

You can follow terHart’s journey through an up-to-date interactive map and photos at

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