Mosquito season is starting early this year.

Nuisance mosquito season hatching in Chilliwack

Drain properties of standing water. Don't go outdoor at dusk or dawn. Dress appropriately and defend with DEET.

Prevention is best when it comes to the annual blood-sucking mosquito season that is about to descend on some parts of Chilliwack.

The FVRD’s mosquito control program has been put in motion for 2013, which zeroes in dropping a bacterial larvacide into seepage and flood water spots along the Fraser River corridor.

This is an annual program targeting nuisance mosquitoes — the ones that bite —  kicking into high gear as water levels start to rise with the peak of the freshet coming this weekend.

FVRD contractor Morrow Bioscience Ltd., has already started to monitor and map breeding sites.

Floodwater sites are treated with a non‐toxic bacterial larvacide that specifically targets the mosquito in the larval stage. It is considered an effective and environmentally friendly bug control method. The FVRD does not conduct fogging or spraying of chemicals that kill flying adult mosquitoes.

“While the program is effective at reducing mosquito populations, it does not eradicate them,” according to the release.

Other prevention messages include wearing the appropriate outdoor wear for mosquito territory, with light-coloured, loose-fitting clothes.

The right clothes are one of the 4Ds of mosquito-bite prevention: Drain properties of standing water. Don’t go outdoor at dusk or dawn. Dress appropriately and defend with DEET.

Prevention methods include:

• dumping out standing water from saucers, flower pots, bird baths, old tires, pet dishes, gutters, pool covers, trampolines, tarps, etc.

• maintaining and chlorinating swimming pools

• emptying/covering kiddie pools when not in use

• covering rain barrels with fine mesh

For mosquito control inquiries or to report mosquito breeding sites within the Fraser River corridor, call the FVRD’s Mosquito Hotline at 1‐888‐733‐2333 or

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