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Meltdown brings flood threat to Chilliwack

As Friday's big freeze turns into Saturday's big melt, Chilliwack residents are being warned to be watch for flooding.
Adam Tallio searches for a storm drain on Spadina Avenue to help ease pooling water on Saturday morning.

As Friday's big freeze turns into Saturday's big melt, city officials are warning residents to be on the look out for localized flooding.

No problems have been reported so far. However temperatures are expected to climb to plus 6 today, with rainfall amounts of 15 to 20 mm. Another 25 mm are expected Sunday, with additional rain throughout the week.

The city is reminding residents to clear snow and ice from catch basins so the melting snow and rain has someplace to go.

Should any localized flooding occur, the engineering department has made available sandbags and sand, located in the Townsend Park west parking lot (gravel). It will be open and maintained with materials 24 hours over the weekend.

Although the ice is melting and the threat of more freezing rain has eased, streets and sidewalks remain slippery. Caution is still recommended for anyone venturing out.

The conditions have also led to the cancellation of curbside garbage and recycling pickup for Saturday. Residents are being told they will be able to put out twice the amount when service resumes.

There were no major power outages reported overnight. However a few residents were without power Saturday morning in the downtown because of a tree down across wires.

Chilliwack's Emergency Program Co-ordinator is reminding residents to be prepared for possible power outages and ensure their emergency preparedness kits are properly stocked.

Watch for more information as it becomes available.

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