Ken Nice, bass drum player for the Harrison Highlanders. (Jennifer Feinberg/ Chilliwack Progress)

Ken Nice, bass drum player for the Harrison Highlanders. (Jennifer Feinberg/ Chilliwack Progress)

Harrison Highlanders to play special tune in Chilliwack written for Queen Elizabeth II

The Harrison Highlanders will play Diu Regnare at Chilliwack museum, June 2

The Harrison Highlanders will be performing a special tune, written to honour Queen Elizabeth II for the occasion of her Platinum Jubilee, on June 2 at the Chilliwack museum.

The song, Diu Regnare, meaning ‘Long Reign’ was specifically composed by Pipe Major Stuart Liddle, as a tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, marking her reign of 70 years on the throne.

“As most people know the Queen is our head of state, and we’re doing this in honour of her June 2, 1953 coronation,” said Ken Nice, who plays bass drum with the Highlanders.

There are many royalists in Chilliwack who follow and support royal culture, he noted, for whom this event might be of tremendous interest.

“Nobody has ever been on the throne longer than this queen, and 70 years is worthy of celebration,” he added.

The song that they’ll be performing, Diu Regnare, will see bands playing it at the same time on June 2 to mark the special event from wherever they are in the world.

“This occasion is of immense historical significance as it is unlikely to be repeated in the years to come,” said Liddle on his website about the commemorative song he composed.

The Harrison Highlanders will be treating the audience to a 30-minute program of music in the space behind the Museum on June 2, 2022, starting at 7 p.m.

“Anyone who wants to come down will be entertained with some pretty exciting tunes, and the new tune by Stuart Liddle,” Nice said.

Stuart Liddell · Diu Regnare

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