As a result of COVID-19, Cultus Lake Park is now closed to visitors. (Jenna Hauck/ Progress file)

As a result of COVID-19, Cultus Lake Park is now closed to visitors. (Jenna Hauck/ Progress file)

Cultus Lake Park closed to visitors to help stop the spread of COVID-19

The announcement came Sunday following the same decision made in Harrison Hot Springs

Cultus Lake Park is closed to visitors to decrease the risk of spreading COVID-19.

The announcement came Sunday evening in a statement from Joe Lamb, Cultus Lake Park Board Chair.

“Earlier this week, Cultus Lake Park made the decisions to close playgrounds, docks, public spaces and parking lots in an effort to control the risk of spreading COVID-19; however, people continue to come to the community and congregate. In light of this, effective immediately, Cultus Lake Park is closed to visitors,” Lamb said.

“This decision is not one that has been made lightly. It is being done as a necessity because the health and safety of our staff and local community residents in the park is the priority.”

As a result of people wanting to get some fresh air during this time, the staff at Cultus Lake Park have seen the number of visitors “dramatically” increase over the past few days.

“Many are not engaging in social distancing.”

The statement was released the same day that village officials at Harrison Hot Springs made the same announcement.

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The Cultus Lake Park Plaza and its parking lot will remain open to access those businesses.

At this time, Sunnyside Campground is not yet open for the season. The Board and staff are monitoring the situation closely and will provide updates to the seasonal campers in the next few days.

On Friday, BC Parks announced camping was suspended until the end of April while also curtailing access to trails and other facilities.

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“Each of us must do our part to flatten the curve and to help stop the spread of this serious illness. Please remember to practice social distancing, keep a minimum of six feet between you and others when out in public, and regularly wash your hands for 20 seconds or more to help stop the spread of the virus,” Lamb said.


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