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City of Chilliwack reminds citizens that ‘unflushables’ can clog the system and damage pipes

‘Hey, Chilliwack, don’t treat your toilet like a trash can,’ according to the city notice
City of Chilliwack is reminding folks not to flush wipes, joining several municipalities that have stepped up this messaging in the pandemic age. (Unsplash)

The message is clear: don’t treat your toilet like a trash can.

Municipal sewer systems are only designed for human waste and toilet paper, not wipes and other solids.

Anything else – even so-called ‘flushable’ items like wipes – can cause big problems in municipal systems that lead to clogs, blockages, and damage to wastewater equipment.

All of those scenarios can significantly interrupt a sewer system, according to a City of Chilliwack notice. With a huge increase in the use of disinfectant wipes, and gloves, because of COVID-19, it’s a timely reminder.

“At this time, when we are working diligently to ensure essential municipal services remain available to residents, a blockage like this would cause a significant and unnecessary strain on resources,” according to a city bulletin.

“Before you flush, remember that toilets are not trash cans and responsibly dispose of your wipes and other non-flushable items.”

There are more details on the Metro Vancouver’s ‘The Unflushables’ campaign website, explaining what can’t be flushed and why, or by contacting the city’s operations department at or 604-793-2810.

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Metro Vancouver’s Unflushables campaign reminder is applicable in Chilliwack. (Metro Vancouver)

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