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Chuck Strahl denies Liberal party work

Former Chilliwack MP denies supporting the Liberal Party, despite a recent statement by Christy Clark.

B.C. Conservatives leader John Cummins called on Premier Christy Clark to apologize last Thursday, after she said that former Chilliwack Member of Parliament Chuck Strahl is involved in her campaign. Strahl has chaired a federal committee since last year, a position that prohibits political affiliation.

Clark said on Thursday that Strahl is an example of a retired federal politician who is "very actively helping us on this campaign and I'm really proud of the contribution (he's) making."

Strahl confirmed that he has "no involvement" in Clark's or anyone else's campaign since taking on the Security Intelligence Review Committee in June 2012.

"Once you take on that job, you have to resign from any political party, both federally and provincially, which I did," said Strahl. "You have to resign from political life, and from partisan political comments. And so I have done that."

Cummins called on Clark to apologize for the insinuation that Strahl violated the rules of his federal appointment.

"Christy Clark must clarify the accusation she made against Chuck Strahl, alleging that he acted in an impartial way to campaign for the Liberals," said Cummins. "I know Chuck. He is an honourable man, and he would never campaign when it is forbidden by his Chairmanship of the Security Intelligence Review Committee - the premier must apologize and clarify her statement immediately."

Clark recanted her statement the next morning.

"(Strahl) has been active for the last two years and when he took on his non-partisan role just very recently, he stepped back from that," she said.

The premier may have been thinking of Strahl's support of the Liberals in the byelection last year, Strahl said. He said he hasn't been active with any party for nearly one year, and is not supporting any candidate in this election.