Christmas Tour of Lights sparkles across Chilliwack

The Tour of Lights has become an extremely popular holiday tradition in Chilliwack thanks to CADREB

Addresses keep getting added to CADREB's Christmas Tour of Lights. This home on Brewster Place is proud to be part of the 2015 Tour.

Addresses keep getting added to CADREB's Christmas Tour of Lights. This home on Brewster Place is proud to be part of the 2015 Tour.

There’s something about twinkling, colourful lights that creates instant Christmas cheer.

The Christmas Light Tour has become an extremely popular holiday tradition in Chilliwack.

“We’ve been doing it for more than 20 years now,” said Steve Lerigny, executive officer of Chilliwack and District Real Estate Board.

“Believe or not we got an email recently from a couple, Robin and Della Jansen, who have been a part of our tour ever since it started, 22 years ago.

“They love being a part of it.”

For CADREB’s 2015 Tour of Lights they once again created maps breaking down the list of homes into a series of self-guided tours, with the option of smaller tours of beautifully decorated properties, or the chance to see them all.

When it started the event was a Christmas lights contest, but the same property owners kept winning the top prize almost every year, said Lerigny.

So they turned the competition into a wonderful annual tour of Christmas lights.

“The idea was for people to travel around at their leisure and look at all the lights. We start getting calls in the fall of people who wanted to be on the tour. They enjoy how we highlight their homes and decorations.”

The entire list of addresses is printed every winter in the last Real Estate Review of the Chilliwack Progress before Christmas for the benefit of the public.

This year it was tucked inside the Dec. 18 edition of The Progress and are being reprinted below as well.

The tour addresses are also found online at, under the ‘news & statistics’ drop-down menu.

So why go through the trouble to publish a list of addresses?

“It’s the idea that people are so proud of their homes, and they like to decorate and display them for everyone to enjoy,” said Lerigny. “Some of the home owners are very generous, and make a point of taking food bank donations as well.”

This year they’ve broken down the Chilliwack area into 10 different mini tours with the help of Google maps. There are four driving tours of Chilliwack proper, a couple in Little Mountain and Fairfield Island, Eastern Hillsides/Rosedale, Promontory and Sardis.

“If you follow the tours in order as they are listed online they’ll logically lead to the next one in the next neighbourhood.”

There are some “truly amazing” displays out there, all over town, so check it out.

“We are happy to do it,” Lerigny. “We will continue to do it as long as we can!”

Here are the participants in CADREB’s 2015 Tour of Lights:


9251 James

9255 James

9254 James

46587 Chwk Central

8880 Broadway

8892 Broadway

46623 First Ave

9537 Menzies

45767 Wellington

45783 Wellington

9467 Corbould

45658 Princess

45629 Princess

45594 Princess

45585 Princess

45550 Princess

9404 Stanley

9365 Edward St

9080 Sunset

9065 Sunset

45380 Barton

9035 Darwin

3 – 45458 Crescent Dr

8780 Bellevue

8789 Butchart

45449 McIntosh

8950 Hazel

9660 Hazel

45538 Lewis

45701 Berkeley

Angus Dr

10190 Brentwood

10110 Brentwood

47325 Mountain Park Dr (Ltl Mtn)

Auburn Dr


Little Mountain

47325 Mountain Park Dr


Fairfield Island

46650 Montana Dr (Collecting Food Donations for Salvation Army)

10015 Young Rd

10015 Young Rd

46040 Avalon

10092 Bonavista

10209 Crystal

46392 Topley

10082 Dublin

10135 Hymar

10198 Beverly

10340 Wedgewood

10485 Bell

10545 Teton

10785 McDonald

10680 McDonald

46265 Hope River



45187 Raven Pl

45166 Raven Pl

46381 John Pl

46322 John Pl

7620 Diamond Cr

Bedford Parkway

6443 Fern St

46151 Christina Dr

46246 Christina Dr

46410 Stevenson Rd

46287 Ranchero

45429 Wells

7345 Leary

7355 Leary

6035 Vedder

Garrison Crossing

Chinook Dr

Montesina culdesac end 5765 +

1 – 44465 McLaren Dr

7954 Chilliwack River



47350 MacSwan

5592 Alpine Cr

5512 Highroad Cr

5504 Highroad Cr

5557 Highroad

6032 Rexford

46416 Lear

47275 Brewster


Eastern Hillsides/ Rosedale

9986 Llanberis Way

8188 Upper Prairie Rd (1/2 acre of lights)

8878 Upper Prairie Rd

7983 Palmer

7929 Palmer

7914 Brookwood

7442 Allison

7390 Ridgeview