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Chilliwack’s iconic pink car the subject of April Fool’s joke

Locals were riled up April 1 after Southern Irrigation made Facebook posts about the car’s future
Southern Irrigation caused a stir on April 1 when they made social media posts suggesting Chilliwack’s iconic pink car was getting crushed, but it turned out to be a cheeky April Fool’s joke. (Southern Irrigation/Facebook)

Chilliwack’s Southern Irrigation caused a kerfuffle Saturday (April 1) with an April Fool’s joke that riled up the locals.

The new owners of the old Pick-A-Part property posted a three-second video to their Facebook page and Instagram feed with a picture of the legendary pink car that has served as an unofficial ‘welcome to Chilliwack’ sign to travellers for years. On Facebook the caption read, “Chilliwack’s Pink Car is getting crushed! Stay tuned for more details…”

With the new owners moving in, the fate of the landmark has been uncertain, and one person didn’t check the calendar before responding, “Thought that was in some kind of contract sale that it would not be removed. Guess we can stop shopping at southern drip if it happens.”

But most people figured it out. Less than four hours after the initial post Southern Irrigation made another, coming clean on the April Fool’s joke.

It remains a mystery what will happen to the pink car, but an idea from three years ago has resurfaced. When Pick-A-Part closed in 2020, Michael Thibodeau started petition calling for the landmark to be relocated to the roundabout where Luckakuck Way meets Lickman Road.

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“This town is full of history and this car has been a landmark for decades,” he wrote, crediting Courtney Longstaff with the idea. “Our town is full of car enthusiasts, car lovers and just people wanting to keep its historical icons while moving forward to the new city. I believe there is already power in the middle of the roundabout. We could place the car on a pedestal with LED lights. Wouldn’t be nearly as expensive as one might think. We have the talent and power to get this done.”

The petition gained 4,388 signatures and several comments.

“Come on Chilliwack!!! Let’s use our history for art!!” wrote D’Arcy Gauthier.

“I would be devastated if the car is gone,” added Rayel Hilton. “It is a complete icon! It’s already upsetting enough the Pick-a-Part is closing. It would be wonderful to move it to the Lickman roundabout maybe add some flowers around it but please do not get rid of this car.”

“This is a icon of Chilliwack rounding that corner. It should be preserved,” wrote Nicholas Pauch.

With the property still for sale at the time nothing came of the petition, but it still exists at

In February of this year Southern Irrigation partner/co-owner Jeff Oostenbrink said the car wouldn’t be staying on the property and they were going to have some fun determining its future.

“I would say, stay tuned to find out what the fate of the car is going to be,” Oostenbrink said at the time. “Follow us on Facebook ( and Instagram (@southernirrigation) and you’re going to see frequent updates. We’re making a game out of it.”

See for more info.


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