Chilliwack’s former teacher rep voted into BCTF

Clint Johnston earns role as B.C. Teachers' Federation's second vice president

There are new faces at the helm of the BC Teachers’ Federation, including one Chilliwack teacher.

Clint Johnston was elected this week as the union’s second vice-president, taking over for Teri Mooring. Johnston was previously the president of the Chilliwack Teachers Association, as well as a local teacher. Mooring is moving to the role of first vice-president.

The election also marked the end of Jim Iker’s term as BCTF president. Iker will continue as an executive committee member for one year, as past president. The new president is Glen Hansman, an elementary special education teacher who was also the anti-homophobia consultant for the Vancouver School Board.

The new roles will take effect on June 30.

In a speech prior to the election, Johnston spoke about the importance of fairness for all. He also spoke about the continued defunding of the education system in B.C., saying the BCTF must “continue to be the loudest voice against the active destruction of our children’s future.”

After the elections, Hansman echoed that statement saying it is the responsibility of teachers “to be strong advocates on matters fundamental to the welfare of the students with whom we work daily.”

As the incoming BCTF president, he identified four key objectives. The first is improved teaching and learning conditions in B.C. public schools in all areas of the province, which includes securing the necessary supports for successfully bringing in the government’s new curriculum. Secondly, he highlighted the need to engage new teachers and plan for the next round of bargaining. Third, working to address “systemic discrimination” in schools by supporting the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and finally, working with parents and other parties to restore funding.